• Tea Rose EDT 28ml/1fl. oz

    Perfumer's Workshop

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  • Description

    What makes a true perfume classic? Some might say it’s a scent that celebrates the most quintessential ingredients in the perfumer’s palette, the raw materials that have brought us pleasure and delight for centuries. Others might say it’s a scent designed with all the elegance of traditional fragrance structure. Some might argue that it’s neither ingredients nor design, but proof of real staying power on the marketplace. Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose is a true perfume classic because it represents all three: timeless ingredients, traditional structure, and a market performer prized by generations of women around the globe. For forty years, Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose has enchanted women-and the men who adore them-with true, classic, well-balanced and authentic rose aroma. There is no rose fragrance on the market today that is more timeless, more honest, or more classic than Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose.


    TOP: Peony, Chamomile

    MID: Tea Rose, Damask Rose, Bulgarian Rose

    DRY: Geranium Leaves, Violet Leaves, Cedarwood

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