About Us

Since 1970, Perfumer’s Workshop has pioneered the modern business of making fragrance. The first company to custom-blend scent on a large scale, it paved the way for today’s boutique brands, creating new niches and markets. With legendary fragrances including Tea Rose, and the SAMBA family of scents, best-sellers for a combined 60+ years, and now Zipped Man, Perfumer’s Workshop has mastered both high end prestige and mass distribution, delivering expertly crafted scents at every price point.

The Perfumer’s Workshop International, Ltd. is a privately owned company, with distribution throughout the world. Company headquarters are located in New York. 

In 1970, after ten years in the industry learning from legends such as Charles Revson and Leonard Lauder, Donald Bauchner formed Perfumer's Workshop Ltd with his wife Gun. Armed with a vision to create a new company with a character and personality reflecting an 'underground' movement then surfacing, Perfumer's Workshop was born. Bauchner had an intuition that the consumer was ready to deconstruct the fragrance business, stripping it of the pomp and formality that had permeated it since the beginnings of the century. Its first breakthrough was a Bloomingdale's counter which transformed the idea for using essential oils, a mainstay of the youth and hippie culture, remade as a luxury product, an uptown meets downtown spirit. It was the industry's first custom-blending fragrance concept. Perfumer's Workshop allowed the customer to create their own individual scent in a variety of fragrance forms. In its basic, simple package, this custom-blending opportunity actually empowered the customer for the very first time, and would set the tone for much of was yet to come, foreshadowing so many of today's boutique, niche brands.


In the late 1970's, the company transformed its best-selling essential oil into a more traditional fragrance line able to be sold at thousands of perfumery counters in the United States and throughout the world, rather than remaining available in limited distribution only at Perfumer's Workshop custom-blending counters. The magical fragrance Tea Rose was an immediate perennial favorite everywhere. It became an instant 'classic'. Princess Grace of Monaco... Catherine Deneuve... Princess Diana...Nicole Kidman - the list of Tea Rose adoring fans is endless. Its stories the stuff of fragrance legends. Perfumer's Workshop has lost count, but probably 55- 60 million bottles of Tea Rose have been sold.


SAMBA is a master brand created by Perfumer's Workshop International. It was first launched in 1987 and it's success has allowed it to grow into a business that includes 26 fragrances sold in 40 countries.

SAMBA is young, fun and affordable, its success has always centered around these words. With the SAMBA customer returning time and again for SAMBA's quality fragrances sold at accessible prices.


Zipped Man, a new range of fragrances for men launched in 2011. The inspiration for the collection comes from urban men whose diverse personalities reflect the soul and spirit of each individual scent. Every man can identify with something in at least one of the Zipped Man fragrances. All of them speak to something unique in each of us.
The first of the Zipped Man offerings is Zipped Premier. Its statement captures the overall essence of the total Zipped Man brand. It evokes a sense of power and freedom. Very contemporary, confident and masculine! All of our fragrances build around this theme. A pro basketball player who demands our attention with his fierce power. He embodies the intensity of Zipped Soho Noir. A rebelliousness soccer player whose steady gaze and cool, confident style exude the spirit of Zipped Rebel. Zipped Apollo, a rush of confident energy. A statuesque, self-assured man who unabashedly follows his heart and bravely trusts his instincts.

For Perfumer's Workshop, the collection has been created to capture the feel, the personalities, and the 'smell' of a new 'Zipped' Generation.